Day Zero Project

Start Date: 10th  January 2014
End Date: 7th October 2016
Things I have completed I will make Pink
The things I am in the process of doing I will make Blue
The things I have not done yet are in grey

Things I want to do
1.         Gone aboard with just my friends
2.         Gone on a little road trip with my best friend
3.         Have a new job
4.         Go to America (New York)
5.         Go to a festival
Things I wanted to have achieved
6.         Pass driving theory
7.         Pass driving test
8.         Pass Level 2 beauty
9.         Get into level 3 beauty
10.     Pass Level 3 beauty
11.     Completed all my work experience
12.     Apply for a job in Mac
13.    Saved up for a car
14.    Get into a college to do make-up
Things I want to do
15.     Take a photo once a week for a year
16.     Get better at taking photos
17.     Read 5 books ( I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but the last book I read took me like 8 months to actually finish it)
18.     Write a letter to myself to read in 5 years time
19.     Save £300 to go shopping with
20.     To still be writing this blog when these 1001 end
21.     See the vamps live on their own tour Health and Lifestyle
22.     Exercise more often
23.     Eat more fruit
24.     Drink more water
25.     To have a lost a bit of weight
26.     To be fitter
27.     Be more toned
Things I want to buy
28.     A car
29.     Mac pro Long wear concealer
30.     Apple mac laptop
31.     A high end highlighter
32.     Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs watch
33.     A small digital (that easy to carry around then the cannon 600d)
34.     New blog template that I love ( if you have any suggestions please let me know  )
35.     A foundation that I really works
36.     A mac lipstick
37.     A mac eyeshadow
Blogging aims
38.     Hit 100 followers
39.     Hit 200 followers
40.     Be more organised with posting
41.     Make time to read more blogs
42.     To have made 60 blog posts
43.     Make a post every day for a week
44.     Be happy with every post I make
45.     Start writing reviews  
46.     Become more confident
47.     To no longer have braces
48.     Do something new with my hair
49.     Clear up skin ( by sticking to a skin care routine)
50.     Cut down on the amount of rubbish I eat
51.     Be more organised
52.     Get a tattoo

53.     Influence someone to make a day zero list

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